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Telehealth Therapy


from your phone




a video call From your cell, Tablet, or pc 

What is Telehealth Therapy?


Telehealth occupational hand therapy is occupational therapy or hand therapy from your phone ,or with a video call from your cell, tablet, or PC.

Why Telehealth Therapy at Keefe Hand Therapy, Inc.?

  • Telehealth improves access for those who cannot get to the clinic because of transportation issues, busy work schedules, weather, or those with underlying medical condition - especially during this Covid-19 crisis, while still receiving high-quality care.


  • You will be evaluated, assessed and a treatment program will be developed for you.  You will learn how to manage your condition, learn such techniques as swelling control, pain control, scar management, stretching, strengthening, and ways to make household tasks easier - depending on what is appropriate for you.


Who Provides the Telehealth Therapy?


  • You will receive therapy by Sharon Keefe, OTR/L, CHT, who is a Certified Hand Therapist.


When will the Telehealth Therapy be provided?


  • After a determination is made of the Telehealth treatment of whether the treatment is going to be paid for by insurance or paid privately and paperwork is completed, an appointment will be scheduled.  You will be directed to the logon page and will receive an e-mail prior to your appointment. Treatments last 45-60 minutes each.


Which insurances cover Telehealth Therapy?

  • Cigna, United Health Care, SP Net, Bardavon provide Telehealth coverage.  We will call to verify that your insurance plan is a provider with our network and has Telehealth benefits. 

  • Presently, (4/21/2020) Medicare does NOT cover Telehealth Therapy.  We hope within in the near future, Medicare will update their policies to add Occupational Therapy Telehealth under their program. We’ll keep you posted.

How much does Telehealth Therapy cost if I pay privately?

  • $150 for initial evaluation, assessment and treatment plan. You will receive a home exercise program at the time of your initial evaluation to work on until your next session.

  • $125 for each follow-up session.

  • $400/pack of 4 sessions (1X week).  $720/pack of 8 sessions (2X week).  Pay in advance and save money!

  • If requested, you will be provided a claim form that you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement using your HSA account.  If we are not a provider with your insurance company, you can also submit a claim form under out-of-network benefits.

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